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Swimmee Solid

You don’t need to think about it, it’s all one solid color, it matches everything in your closet and it’s ready to take you from the gym to the pool whenever you’re in the mood.



The very first product we launched Outplay with was the Swimmee and it was an instant crowd favorite. Even after we started adding new products, the Swimmee continues to be the product we struggle to keep in stock all year round. But we kept getting emails, DMs and messages of you asking us to give you a solid colored option. An option that would be easier to match with printed bottoms or easier to wear under your clothes. The Swimmee Solid is just that, a solid option of your favorite mid-drift swim top.


Made with the best stretchable fabrics available, the Swimmee Solid is a multi-use top that comes in low compression and high compression. The low compression option is made with our special woven mesh fabric between the outer layer of fabric and the lining, placed only in the front of the top. The high compression option has the special woven mesh fabric between the outer layer of spandex-mix fabric and the lining in both the front and the back of the top, creating a stronger hold.


We believe that if we’re going to make something, we better make it out of the best quality materials and sewn impeccably. We use only the best fabrics and low impact dyes or digitally printed images when possible. As technology advances in the world of fabrics, we continue to aspire to add more and more eco-friendly materials and production systems in an effort to be friendlier to our planet as well as everyone who wears Outplay.

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