What is fashion sustainability and how do we at Outplay play our part.

It’s no secret the fashion industry is one of the worlds biggest polluters. The industry is changing though. Some might say not fast enough and others see a light at the end of the tunnel as change is happening and it’s happening at every level. Those who don’t change, will be left behind as the consumer is more educated everyday and cares more about where their clothes came from, who made it, and what it’s made of.

Fashion sustainability is a growing movement, a process of fostering real change in the fashion industry all around. Moving the fashion industry towards greater ecological integrity and social concern.

So what makes a fashion brand a sustainable brand? Making sustainable clothing means the brand is contributing to the well-being of planet Earth by producing garments that are made from environmentally-friendly materials and minimizing waste (materials and water) throughout the entire process. Making sure those who produce each garment are paid fair living wages, forced child labor isn’t being used, and everyone works in safe and clean environments. It also includes minimal exposure to chemicals that can harm workers as well as the end consumer later wearing the garment. How do we do that and still deliver a great quality product? Technology, and a lot of integrity and heart.

Sustainable fashion isn’t fast fashion and it isn’t cheap fashion either. But knowing no one or nothing was hurt, forced or destroyed in the making of the quality garment you can wear for a very long time is so much more valuable than wearing something that was made by a child forced to work under horrific conditions, will last a couple of washes and later end up in a mountain of garbage somewhere for decades to come .

At Outplay we keep all of this very present with the design and production of each and every product we offer. We only work with the best factories, visit them often, and get to know the people making each and every one of our products. We make our packaging out of recycled/recyclable plastics, and work with amazing people who are constantly looking for ways to incorporate greener and more sustainable materials into our production. Our fabrics are digitally printed in order to avoid water waste and made with environmentally friendly textiles.

There is still so much to do and so many more steps to take but we’re in it for the long haul. As we find more and better ways to create and make great quality clothing that is good for you and won’t harm our planet, we’ll bring them to you and we’ll let you know what we’ve done to make it a bit better than before.